Finding Ideas For Residential Landscapes

If your home is located on a hill slope or if you are looking to replace the contours of your garden to create a lawn then you need to build landscape retaining walls. For homeowners, it is a very creative do-it-yourself project that requires a careful planning and correct materials to build a strong retaining wall and look your epoxy floor patio look great. It comes in many styles. Here are eight different ways that you can put it up.

  1. Interlocking Concrete block Walls
    Interlocking concrete blocks are one method which are assembled without any mortar. They are available at any home improvement centers at a decent cost. It can be done at home yourself if you possess the tools required for putting it together.
  1. Natural Big Stoned Walls
    These kind of walls are designed to hold back for about eight feet deep soil. The heavy natural hard stones in huge sizes are moved and placed in its place using heavy equipments. Careful assembling of these huge rocks are needed to hold the soil in its place without sliding. It is generally placed if your home back entrance is at a higher level and these landscape retaining walls lead you to the ground level. More at this epoxy floor site…

  1. Wood Retaining Walls
    The wood retaining walls with a pretty garden on one side and free standing on the other looks more like a pretty fence. Use pressure treated woods for the ground contact for a long life. Use landscaping cloth behind these wooden fence. This prevents the roots of the plants from growing through these wooden boards.
  1. Old Tires Retaining Walls
    Old tires are reused in a sloping hill side for creating pretty retaining walls. It is filled with concrete. So these old tires live for a lifetime. the builder takes quite a lot of time to arrange the tires and give the tired wall a good strength. These materials are easily available at tire centers and reduces a huge cost for you.
  1. Raw Rocks Retaining Wall stone
    Raw and uncut rocks in combination with cut wall stones are used to build these retaining walls. An experienced mason is needed to build this otherwise it might slide. It is build of four feet high. Above it requires permit and must stick to building codes.
  1. Colored Concrete on Solid block Retaining Walls
    Over an existing solid block wall, a veneer of concrete is applied to give a unique looking style. Skill is essential to create these veneer look.  But the construction cost is ineffective.
  1. Dry Stack Retaining Walls
    Natural Rock wall is used to create retaining walls in terraced slopes. It does not need any mortar. You will just have to pay a little for the loose rocks and for its delivery and can be totally built by you with basic tools. This wall construction is inexpensive.
  1. Artistic Craft Retaining Walls
    Glue ceramic art works and baubles to a concrete wall to give an artistic look in a art school. Put about eight inches of gravel behind these walls so that the excess moisture does not ooze out. It will act as an expressive piece of art to your garden and your home.